Facebook Ads Consultant

Facebook makes it seems so easy just to hit the boost button and get results.
But to really harness the power of Facebook advertising you need a strategy.
A Facebook Ads strategy takes in your goals, builds out your funnel, and zero's in on your target.

As a Facebook Ads Consultant, I help entrepreneurs navigate the waters of Facebook advertising to generate leads and drive more sales. I stay in the know of Facebook's ever changing updates so that the energy and money you put into your ads actually works for you, right now. Because what worked yesterday isn't guaranteed to work today.

I believe in targeting.

I believe in testing.

I believe Facebook Ads are a big puzzle and puzzles are fun, right?

Let me show you how Facebook Ads can build your list, launch your course,
and position you as an expert in your field with the right audience.



DIY Coach On A Call is for the entrepreneur who is already working with Facebook Ads and wants expert insight into an existing campaign and all its components. This package can also work for a new campaign that is being set up. We'll hop on a 90 minute Zoom call where I will dive deep into your campaign and targeting giving feedback and proactive steps to set your ads up properly or to work through any obstacles you are encountering. A pre-session package prepares you for our time together and the call is recorded and sent to you post session so that you can be focused instead of scrambling to take notes.

The Campaign is for the business owner who is ready to 'farm out' ads strategy and management. Here I create a customized Facebook Ads campaign tailored to your specific goal. This package may be associated with a course or product launch or be an on-going list building and lead generating effort. Together we'll determine the scope of services included based on your brand resources. Then I will map out the timeframe, strategy, and targeting. I will manage the ads process from creation to implementation. A/B Testing will be included to determine the best ad creative or audiences for the brand and reporting will be provided on a regular basis.