Entrepreneurs on Fire with Kate Erickson


In this episode of The Long Game, we’re diving into the world of podcasting, entrepreneurship, and transparency as a business strategy. If you want to learn about building a thriving podcast, cultivating a passionate community, and achieving financial freedom, stick around because this episode is just for you.

Our guest today is the remarkable Kate Erickson, a bona fide luminary in the podcasting and entrepreneurial universe. As the co-founder of Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast and a pioneer of many successful podcasts and courses, she’s here to drop some serious wisdom and actionable insights.

In this episode, we’ll be discussing:

  • The benefits and opportunities that come from podcasts

  • Maximizing opportunities for engagement

  • Building and fostering communities

  • “Being an open book is not easy all of the time, but it’s a core value of mine to share what I know and not hold anything back.” – Kate Erickson

    This episode is full of AHA! moments, as Kate walks us through her experiences and lessons learned. She highlights the role that transparency and connection play in the modern business landscape. We also get an insider’s look at how income reports and other innovative strategies are not just about numbers—they’re about building trust and guiding your audience to their success. Kate’s story is an example of the power of staying true to your vision while nurturing genuine connections within your community.

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