Creating an App with Picsello Founder Jane Goodrich


Have you noticed a big gap in resources in your industry? Have you ever had an idea that would make things easier or more efficient?

You’re going to love my guest this week. In this episode, Jane Goodrich, an accomplished photographer who has expanded her business by creating customized software called Picsello joins me to talk about her long game experience taking her idea from concept to development to product launch.

Jane talks about her journey from marketing to photography, her experience mentoring other photographers, and the motivation behind creating Picsello. The software serves as an all-in-one back-end solution for photographers, helping them with pricing, selling, and streamlining their business processes.

This is a great example of seeing a need and figuring out a way to help others succeed. Jane has a passion for photography and she’s equally passionate about helping other photographers make a living doing work they love.

Jane discusses the challenges she faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, her initial idea of teaching a course about photography pricing, and how she pivoted to develop Picsello. The conversation covers the development process, including the initial idea, seeking advice from tech experts, choosing an American development company, and the importance of a strong team.

She’s also upfront about how long it took and why her background in marketing gave her a leg up when working with the development team.

The interview emphasizes the educational aspect of Picsello aiming to help photographers understand the business side of their profession. Jane explains the software’s features, including automated emails, client questionnaires, and a business mastermind community. She highlights the importance of customer feedback in shaping the software’s roadmap and mentions the joy she finds in helping photographers succeed.

Jane also shares insights into managing her time between photography, software development, and personal health challenges. She emphasizes the value of staying connected to the client services realm to understand market needs and enhance the software’s offerings.

In true Long Game style, this conversation provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs looking to extend their brand through software development and emphasizes the significance of community building and continuous learning in the process.

Jane has graciously offered 30% off of a 12-month subscription on Picsello by using the code LG30

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