Client Feedback… Beyond Testimonials


As entrepreneurs, we sometimes get so involved inside our own products, systems, and workflows that we can’t see things from a client or user-experience perspective. This is why it’s so valuable to have someone else tell you about what works, what works well, and what has room for improvement. This is where feedback comes in. After all, who could be better to talk about your products and services than your clients?

“Client feedback is a valuable tool that can inform what we do in our businesses. It can improve our offerings and strengthen our relationships with our customers.” -Sandra Scaiano

All business owners know that it’s easier to retain an existing client than to bring in a new one. With an existing client, you’ve already figured out their business structure and process, their products, services, and brand. You’re already familiar with how their mind works and have an idea of how to best interact with them.

Feedback sessions help us retain these existing clients and further improve the existing relationship. That’s why in this episode, we’re talking about all things feedback.

So why should you get it? Here are some of the benefits I share in this episode:

  • To hear what’s working and what needs improving

  • To help inform your future products and services

  • Feedback sessions build stronger relationships with your clients

  • “Whether you know what’s next with your client, or you’re doing a feedback session to mark a definitive end, spending time talking paves the way for forward motion. And in many cases, it leads to increased customer retention.” -Sandra Scaiano

    Feedback is an important tool for business owners. So listen to this episode to learn more about Feedback vs Testimonials, how to get it, and who to get it from. You’ll be amazed by how much it will benefit your business.