Building Your Business Your Way, with Dr. Elizabeth Kiracofe

The LONG GAME Episode 56 with Sandra Scaiano Building Your Business Your Way with Dr. Elizabeth Kiracofe

It’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month. I’m going to address skin cancer awareness in an effort to reduce the chances of this impacting you. Joining me is a dermatologist and mastermind colleague of mine, Dr. Elizabeth Kiracofe. She’ll also share her process regarding her no-insurance approach in her medical practice.

Dr. Kiracofe encourages developing friendships with your physician if you can. It makes the relationship and experiences better for both parties.

Customer experience comes first.

Dr. Kiracofe revealed her pivotal moment in giving her patients ownership over their skin and their medical plan. It is a game-changer. Do not miss her tips on what we should be looking out for when deciding whether to have that full-body scan for skin cancer prevention.

Why does it matter to take charge of the business that you want to have?

When I caught the whole idea on her current shift, I totally changed my thought process. You have to hear it and let me know what you think. Make that appointment with your dermatologist or at least know how and where to start. Find out in this episode!

We also touched on the following points:

  • What a direct care practice business model can do both for the patient and the physician.

  • Dr. Kiracofe differentiates between the sickness model vs. the wellness model.

  • How is this new model defined in a holistic approach to skin health?

  • Dr. Kiracofe also believed that we can’t give our best to others, whether it’s our family, our friends, our patients, or our clients if we’re not giving our best to ourselves (the concept of self-care first is big here).

  • How should we define the meaning of success?

  • How important is it to have a certain level of clarity regarding your goals?

  • Dr. Kiracofe confers on how this global pandemic affected her business and the strategies she continues to do up until now.

  • What are the risk factors involved when screening for skin cancer probabilities?

  • Being a leader in how she markets her practice is a completely new way of thinking and approaching business. She’s understanding how it allows her to better serve her patients as she grows her business.

    Those are long game thoughts!

    Do Remember: You’re in charge of the life and the business that you want to have!

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