Breaking Out of Limiting Beliefs with Erica Rooney


Let me ask you, what is that one thing that is holding you back? Is it a toxic characteristic? Limiting beliefs? Maybe it’s your fear of those voices in your head telling you that “You can’t do this.” Or maybe it’s an unhealthy relationship you need to move on from.

Our guest, Erica Rooney, is a keynote speaker, coach, and host of the From Now to Next podcast. She’s on a mission to help women get seen, get heard, and get further.

“Why do we care that if out of a thousand people, 2 people don’t like what you’re doing? Why do we focus on those two people, instead of focusing on the other 998? Like, let’s look at the math, people!” – Erica Rooney

In this episode, Erica talks about what she calls “sticky floors.” These are, limiting beliefs, toxic habits and relationships, fears, and doubts that hold us back and keep us from “busting through the glass ceiling.” Here are some things she shares about sticky floors:

  • These sticky floors have been taught to us since we were children

  • The first step is to recognize and identify our sticky floors

  • We will always have sticky floors. What will make a difference is how fast we’ll be in recognizing and dealing with them

  • Have your own personal board of directors that will correct you, motivate you, and help you deal with your sticky floors

  • “It may not be great. It may not be perfect. But we can still do it, and that’s the biggest thing.” – Erica Rooney

    What’s your sticky floor? What’s holding you back from reaching that next milestone and achieving that next goal? How can you deal with them? All of these questions and more are discussed in this episode.

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