Brand Attraction with Mallika Malhotra

The LONG GAME Episode 61 with Sandra Scaiano Brand Attraction with Mallika Malhotra

Have you ever had to use your own teachings and philosophy on yourself? Today’s guest, my good friend Mallika Malhotra, used all her own processes around branding and brand photography when she had to establish her business all over from scratch. I loved Mallika’s story: what would you do to restart? You’ll learn all about brand attraction today with her.

If you want to step out of the “hobbyist” phase and really elevate your brand to that of “expert,” that’s where professional brand photos come into play.

As Mallika reminds us, your first impression to your audience is critical. It can:

  • Help tell your story

  • Elevate your status as a business person

  • Helps people connect with you (even online)

  • Increase your confidence in yourself and your business

  • We discuss the brand photoshoot process and how it can become a catalyst to prepare you to become the face of your brand and step into your leadership role.

    Mallika talks about:

  • The “future forecast” photo and why it’s so powerful and important to your business

  • The importance of finding your stories and share these with the audience

  • How photos can help our audience learn enough to decide whether they want to work with us

  • Preparing for the brand photoshoot (this one is critical)

  • How to prepare for your photoshoot:

  • What you need to know to find your brand clarity so you can use your photos over time (and they remain current for you for several years)

  • Help in getting ready to “step into the spotlight” in your business

  • How to find the right photography partner

  • What things to think about in your business to bring with you

  • Deciding on the team to cover logistical points of hair and makeup, clothing, and so on

  • She also explains why it doesn’t make sense to take new photos every year. Also, the exception where it might be a good idea. This can actually help with your brand recognition. Remember that branding is about longevity.

    Mallika shares her own story of moving from one state to another. Includes how that affected her own branding and the links in her personal and business community.

    She shares her experience with this fresh start:

  • It can be a challenge to leave and start up somewhere new after a long time in one place (and how the pandemic made it even harder).

  • Dealing with the grief and loss, and lack of closure

  • How she pivoted and built a new business where no one knew who she was or knew her brand

  • What she did to re-establish herself (you’ll love these tips, even if you haven’t moved recently)

  • How she’s managed to establish herself in a very different market and why knowing the pulse of the community is critical

  • The importance of knowing your audience

  • The process also involves positioning yourself as a leader, wherever you find yourself. Mallika talks about the shifts she’s made to achieve this goal and how she has differentiated herself from other photographers in her area.

    She has also created a membership, The Brand Attraction Society, to help women nail their brands and build their stories. The community has a diverse collection of women and is still growing. Mallika offers hands-on mentorship and support in an intimate community where women can connect with each other and really grow.

    Mallika covers many foundational lessons along with brand strategy in the membership, such as:

  • Identifying the mission of your business (your “why”)

  • Your business vision moving forward and how to plan for it

  • Niching down and finding your niche and why it matters (it affects your bottom line!)

  • Tactical matters such as your website and conversion rates

  • I think one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to not invest in yourself enough. Giving too little time to your investment can keep you from reaching your goals.

    Finally, we talk about retention in memberships, and how Mallika builds retention into her group. Learn how she keeps her membership active and engaged (hint: it’s all about building relationships).

    I really enjoyed this conversation and I know you’ll find it invaluable as well.

    Mallika’s Brand Attraction Society

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