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How to Install & Use Zoom

By Sandra / October 25, 2019

Zoom is a video conferencing software, similar to Skype. It’s one of my favorite business tools that I use almost every day. I use Zoom for client strategy sessions as well as for the Live Office Hours I host in my membership site Studio SandraSky. One of the best features is the ability to record…

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Privacy Best Practices for your Website

By Sandra / May 25, 2018

Hello Hello Everyone, Coming to you as we embark on the 3-day holiday weekend and here in the NorthEast we are finally feeling the sunshine. I am seriously exhaling, feeling the warmth of the sun and getting back to sitting outside with my computer a bit. I’ve been doing more Facebook Lives and less emails…

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Website Audit: My Own Website

By Sandra / October 19, 2017

With my newly redesigned website ready. It was time for me to show you all the reasons why I needed an update. Before the old site was replaced, I did a website audit on myself – pointing out what worked and what was a miss with my own website. As a web designer, I knew…

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Uh... No Mug

The Importance of Saying “No”

By Sandra / May 10, 2017

  I’ve had two conversations recently about the same topic, people noticing your strength in something and then hurling a responsibility at you. As if just because you are good at a task you want to be in charge of it from here on out. In one of these conversations I told the story of…

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Slow Computer… Clean It Up

By Sandra / June 25, 2016

Is your computer running slow? Does it take FOREVER to do the most simple of tasks? Do you still have every photo you ever took of your now 10 year old child on your lap top? Then this post is for you. I’m going to take you through, step by step, what you need to…

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Keep Your Website Secure

Secure Your Website From Hackers in 3 Easy Ways

By Sandra / June 15, 2016

I was having coffee with a friend this week, shout out to Holly G , and we got into a conversation about web security. Getting hacked is no fun – you’ve got site downtime, panic to find someone to clean it up, and are left with a feeling of invasion and why me. First, the…

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Business Tools I Can’t Live Without

By Sandra / June 14, 2016

A big part of what I love is organization. I’m a believer in an organized space = an organized mind. With this comes the ability to flow with my work. To organize your thoughts and your business life, you need the right tools to assist you with the job. I’m sharing my top 7 favorite…

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