Best of 2023 and 2024 Trends for Small Business


We’re winding down 2023 so I’m doing a look back and a look ahead.

Listen in as I review the trends that defined 2023 and look forward to the exciting developments to expect in 2024 for entrepreneurs.

From the rise of super niche online summits to the growing demand for authenticity, we uncover the strategies that will shape the future of business. But as we navigate these trends, I can’t help but wonder what will this mean for the long game of business and life?

Here are a few of the topics that made an impact for me and my clients. I’m sharing how things worked, and what made a difference on a number of topics.

  • The need to stay up to date. Things change and evolve and as small business owners we have to do the same.

  • Online summits. They make an impact when they are done well, and they are evolving too.

  • Masterminds aren’t new but it seems they are more popular than ever. I’m not surprised. The ability to connect with others and get some support and perspective from business peers is something I’ve always found helpful.

  • Digital marketing can’t exist, it seems without the manipulative tactics and guru-driven promises that everyone, everywhere can have million-dollar results in a few easy steps. It impacts all of us who are marketing with integrity.

Additionally, I review the prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday life and its implications for entrepreneurs. Ignoring the impact and inevitability isn’t a strategy. It’s only going to become more prevalent.

We’ll continue to see improvements and additional capabilities. What are you doing to learn how it impacts your world? I think we’ve got to adapt and grow and using AI where it makes sense and I want to make sure I know how it can be helpful to me and my clients.

I also know there also are lots of discussions about ethics and the legal impacts too. Lots more coming in 2024 on all of this.

I’m also breaking down my thoughts on the impact of the new Google Analytics that was rolled out. Tracking and measuring is important so as business owners we have to adapt to the changes and leverage the opportunities the GA4 brings to SEO strategies.

As we ring in the new year with new possibilities, keep playing the long game in your business and life as well. You know, it’s that journey that matters the most. I am thrilled to have you all along for the ride with me. Thank you for listening. I’ll see you next week.

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