Bandwidth & Brilliance with Diann Wingert

THE LONG GAME Podcast with Sandra Scaiano Bandwidth & Brilliance with Diann Wingert

Have you caught yourself making plans, agreeing to things, and writing out to do lists in your planner as if time was a figment of your imagination? Are you guilty of packing your days before they ever begin only to beat yourself up for not meeting the most unrealistic expectations later?

Don’t be shy, raise your hand… my hand is up too!

In this episode, the keyword is bandwidth. My guest today, Diann Wingert, is a business strategist and coach that helps the super smart, savvy, expert women that started a business and try to operate on a theoretical bandwidth that doesn’t exist. She is the founder of Boss Up Breakthrough Coaching and saving women from themselves before burnout and overwhelm attack is what she does extremely well.

“We have to get really clear on our actual bandwidth, not our theoretical, not our ideal, but our actual bandwidth and our boundaries so that we can preserve our brilliance and prevent burnout.” -Diann Wingert

If you’ve been teetering on the edge of overwhelm and exhausted between your own creative business ideas and the 20 other ideas and strategies you heard between your mastermind groups and podcasts this week alone, hang on, grab a cup of tea, and let’s take notes.

Ideas to expand your bandwidth and brilliance

  • Unrealistic expectations lead to burnout

  • Audit subscriptions and groups taking your time and energy

  • Your default Yes is just an interesting opportunity to think about

  • Bandwidth without boundaries equals burnout. Restrict access to your calendar

  • 90 day sprints are a great segway into planning your year without overwhelm

  • Learn to respect your bandwidth and create a business you love and a life you love by design. The key is having realistic expectations, being thoughtful and intentional about what you want your business to be.

    “You can create the business that is uniquely suited to your brilliance, your bandwidth, your lifestyle, your stage of life, what brings you joy, and what makes you feel like a fricking rockstar…” -Diann Wingert

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