ADHD For Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka


I am so excited because we have a return guest. It’s interesting to see the transformation and growth since my last conversation with her.

Today I’m talking with Tracy Otsuka, who is a certified ADHD coach and the host of ADHD for Smart Ass Women, the podcast, which has had an amazing 5 million downloads. She also moderates a Facebook group by the same name with nearly 100,000 members!

Tracy is releasing her book ADHD for Smart Ass Women on December 26. I am beyond thrilled to have her to talk to us about everything that’s going on. 

Tracy explains that whenever she has conversations about ADHD, lives are changed. There’s a brilliant woman with ADHD out there who is thinking, this isn’t me. By the end of this podcast, she’s going to say, that IS me!

Hear how Tracy decided to go with the name ADHD for Smart Ass Women. I wanted to know if there’s any pushback or problems with that or if has it been a plus for her. She explains that being an outsider is part of who she is as a person, and it’s part of her brand as well. Are some people put off by the name? Maybe, but overall, it’s been a positive.

Tracy also talks about being diagnosed with ADHD later in life and how common that is, especially for women. There are a few reasons for that, and she also explains how the lifestyle changes we all experienced during COVID had an impact as well.

One myth Tracy has busted is that having ADHD means you’re not intelligent or can’t learn. That’s completely the opposite of her experience. Drivenness is a form of hyperactivity. If you are an entrepreneur or a woman who is always on the go coming up with new ideas and having success with lots of different things and possibly struggling with mundane easy-to-do tasks, then you may want to see if you have ADHD.

ADHD brains are focused on interest, not importance. It’s a big distinction that shows up in lots of ways, both positive and negative.

Tracy outlines 3 things to look for if you think you may have ADHD and how it manifests in women and girls differently than in men and boys. This is eye-opening!

Be sure to check out the discussion about being diagnosed. Who makes those calls? Should you find out or does it matter? What steps can you take and how will it impact your health? Tracy provides loads of insight here that will help simplify any next steps you might want to take. This entire conversation is so helpful, and fun. Big thanks to Tracy for coming back. I hope you’ll all get a copy of her book and let me know what resonates for you

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